Presearch Search Engine

Since no one on this forum is talking much on Presearch, I though I will start the topic on it :slight_smile:


See also:


Is yacy still an active project?

Looks very active to me:

That looks interesting, I’d not heard about it before. Thanks for posting.

Here’s a screen shot of some more search engines:


Just ‘search engine’ them, they’re not links.

So, is anyone using, liking, and prefering Presearch or yacy?

No to all of the above. YaCy has a very similar issue with Mojeek: lack of (relevant) results.

I am highly suspicious of blockchain technology due to its relationship with cryptocurrencies.

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No, cause i prefer to not use any search engine. Just have a List of Links or search your favorite Lib analog with Questions and read Books.

Or search the Internet with Tor, create some Index and search… however most information you will get over social Links from 3erd Party indirectly and offline via f2f communication.