Pretty Good Phone Location Privacy

Mobile carriers, including MVNOs (like AweSIM), could easily implement PGP to make location services private.


A “privacy focused mobile phone carrier communications provider” - now there would be a mouthful :smiley:
I hope some of the companies make this happen. I wonder if this will be made into a VIP-tier service or taken up by some shadier companies in less reputable places?

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I like what was said in the article about just one MVNO adopting the practice being enough to skew the usefulness of location data in general.

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It’s a shrewd proposition: “We have money, who would like to have it for doing [relatively] very little work?”. :slight_smile:

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Thats really cool, and the way it’s laid out in the article seems like a (comparatively) simple/easy rollout.

Would be really interested if say Mint Mobile or the like here in the USA decided to give it a shot, though I confess to not knowing what exactly they do with the data they collect beyond what their terms already state.

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You should suggest it to Ryan Reynolds. :slight_smile:


Seems as if there are a few too many details missing to know whether this works.

How do I authenticate to the billing server?

How do I even connect to the billing server before I have the token that allows me to connect?

How is encryption to the tower done without the SIM?

What stops someone sharing the token?

I guess all those issues are covered somewhere - but not explained in the linked article.

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They did link a pdf, havent read through it myself all the way though :

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Yes I saw that but didn’t have time to wade through it and if the truth be told the details of communication between the phone and the tower in the current architecture are beyond my knowledge.

I was hoping that the article would quote someone who does know about all this stuff, who would then explain at a level suitable for non-experts how it is going to work.

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