Printer brother mfc-j450dw waiting for printer to become available

Used mfg installer for mfc-j450dw. Result: all attempts at printing are: “print job pending”.or “waiting for printer to become available” Earlier version of installer worked fine.

Is this in PureOS, or a different distro?
Did you install a driver or firmware from Brother?

PureOS system on the Librem 15 laptop. The computer went for repairs for a broken video switch. Before being sent back to Purism, the printer was working just fine. Then on return it wouldn’t work so uninstlled the printer via “Software”. Then I connected to the Brother printer support site and downloaded their newer drivers for the printer. Then I input their recommended line commansds via Terminal. It installed seemingly properly. Then I tried to print a document from Libre Office Writer. The print sequence of pop ups and so on went as expected. Nothing actually got printed. When I went into the printer’s details it showed the printing jobs as pending. The reason was “Waiting for printer to become available.” Rebooting with the usb cable removed or attached did nothing to change the non printing or "status: of printing. All print jobs added up as ; pending " status.

Found my problem. Pushed the Printer end of the USB cable into one of the phone receptacle instead of the proper USB plug. The particular printer I have uses a small square receptacle similar in size to a phone receptacle, where the usual USB is flat. I noticed that the cable end did not fit quite right, so I took a closer look and saw another receptacle where the USB end should go. So removed the printer again and reinstalled it. Worked right away. Should have remembered that the USB cable was different.