Printer HP Laserjet P1006 does not react

My HP Laserjet P1006 printer was identified and installed automatically in the printers menu and I set as default.

However, I press print testpage or try to print a document in libre office and nothing happens.

I get a message that print was completed but the printer does nothing. The printer runs on Windows laptop without any issues.

I run the error journal and the following lines seem to be related. Any advise what to do and run the printer would be much appriciated.

Jan 22 22:06:23 laptop /hpfax[3703]: [3703]: error: Failed to create /var/spool/cups/tmp/.hplip
Jan 22 22:08:00 laptop systemd[1550]: Failed to start Tracker metadata database store and lookup manager.
Jan 22 22:19:51 laptop /hp-config_usb_printer[4486]: hp-config_usb_printer[4486]: error: hp-systray must be running. Run ‘hp-systray &’ in a terminal.
Jan 22 22:19:51 laptop /hp-config_usb_printer[4486]: hp-config_usb_printer[4486]: error: HP Device plugin’s are not installed. Please install plugin’s using hp-plugin command.
Jan 22 22:19:55 laptop /hp-firmware[4491]: [4491]: error: Firmware file ‘/usr/share/hplip/data/firmware/hp_laserjet_p1006.fw.gz’ not found.
Jan 22 22:19:55 laptop /hp-firmware[4491]: hp-firmware[4491]: error: Firmware download failed.

Try to install this open-source driver:

If you don’t want compile this driver, you can try “printer-driver-foo2zjs” package. But official site says:

I compiled this driver and it works fine for my HP printer, but i find this package today and don’t tried it yet.

Some times my HP Designjet T520 printer also not react. But when I do restart the printer and reinstall the driver most of the time the problem gets resolved in this way. But if the issue is in hardware then this process won’t work you should have to contact a technician.

I have a L15v4 and a HP ENVY Photo 7800 All In One Printer. I have had issues in the past with the Drivers getting corrupted after an OS Update. Printer will be working fine for months, update…no more printer.
I can see the printer on my L15, but printing jobs get hung up in PrinterSpace somewhere and spins fooooorevvvver…
I can not even cancel print jobs, sometimes I restart the L15 and it will still show the hung up printing job in the Que after the reboot, which I find a little odd.
I believe that the problem is in the HPLIP Software because I get a “HP Printer System Tray” not connecting error message, upon a reboot.
I don’t use WiFi for various reasons, so I am on my own Intranet via a LAN, which means its not a WiFi connectivity issue, in this case.
What I noticed was that there are issues with the way PureOS updates and the DEB Repository’s are connecting. I always get error messages after an Update that this package or that package did not update, because it could not connect, but never really researched how to resolve that issue.
Fortunately I stumbled on that post, while researching something different. Very well documented with links and covers things in a way, that even I can understand and utilize.
I will try and find that link and post it here, what I call,
[The Update Bug Fix]
(Setting up/Configuring Librem PureOS Laptop)
I have yet to try those suggestions, but I suspect that they will resolve most of my issues. I wish I had found this when I was setting up my L15 when I first got it.
Fixing the printer connect issue-
What I have done that works every time I have had an issue and lost connectivity to my printer was pretty simple.
Uninstall it, re-install it, done deal.
I first print out my printers info, then I use that IP to find it on my network as the OS never seems to see it on the network.
(nubies- this is done at the top right hand corner of your desktop, you should see a little tiny printer there. Click on it, it will open up the System Settings. Look on the left side of the window and find “Devices” then “Printers”.
Note- to make changes, you will need to “Unlock” the connection first. Enter your password you used to log into the machine, in the upper right hand corner of the window where the little lock thingy is :wink:
I provided a screenshot for you, however I cant take screenshots of the screens when I unlock it.
There’s a little gear in the right corner next to your printer, click on the gear and a pop up window appears, at the bottom it says, “Remove Printer”
Once the printer is removed, click on “Add” at the top right. It might find it, it might not. If it doesn’t, you can help it by giving it the IP address of your printer. It should start pulling down the printers on that network if you have more than one. Find the one that is the same name as yours, click on it and vola, it will install it and make a connection.
Click “Test Page” to make sure. Should work regardless of the brand printer you have, if it was installed previously.

Once it has the correct IP, my L15 is happy to establish a new un-corrupted connection and whisper in my printers ear…until a future update releases another Monkey Wrench.

Hey, I am the one who posted the L15 setup post.
I use WiFi to configure my HP printer using hplip.

I get this error too and it has not stopped me from setting up my printer. However, I have had to try repeated attempts at connecting to get the printer to be recognised on the hplip UI.

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Thanks for the updates. The next PureOS Update seemed to resolve the issue. Or as you say, it was the third or fourth attempt that did the trick. I used hplip to set the printer up originally, it worked fine, for months. Did a OS update, and lost connection to the printer somehow. PureOS did another update the following day, which resolved whatever issue I had. I did not have time to dig in very deep. I was hoping for a quick fix, so I jumped on here to see if anyone else had the same issue.

I prefer not to turn on WiFi, EMFs in this office are already between 600 and 800. My brain is already being fried. Sizzle Sizzle…

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  1. Check the power connection:
    Ensure the printer is properly plugged into a working power outlet.
    Verify that the power cord is securely connected to both the printer and the power outlet.
    Try using a different power cord to rule out a faulty cord.

  2. Check the power button:
    Make sure the printer’s power switch is turned on.
    Press and hold the power button for a few seconds to ensure it’s not stuck or malfunctioning.
    If the power light is not illuminated, it could indicate a power supply issue.

  3. Check the paper tray and cartridge:
    Open the paper tray and make sure there is enough paper.
    Verify that the paper is properly aligned and facing the correct direction.
    Check the ink cartridges and replace any that are empty or low on ink.

  4. Check the USB connection:
    If you’re using a USB connection, make sure the cable is securely plugged into both the printer and the computer.
    Try using a different USB cable to rule out a faulty cable.
    Check the computer’s USB port for any damage or debris.

  5. Check the printer queue:
    Open the printer queue on your computer.
    Check for any stuck or pending print jobs.
    Cancel any stuck print jobs and try resending the print job.