Printer not printing

I tried to use my printer today for the first time with PureOS 10 and it would not print. PureOS recognized the printer and used some generic driver. But not printing happened. The PDF viewer just didn’t do anything. Libre Office complained that the printer wasn’t configured right.
The printer is a Canon MG2500, which does not show up in the driver list.

I had zero problem with PureOS 9. It was just plug and play there.

What can I do?

No ideas, anyone ???

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Please download one of those two very same content archives: or from here:

Extract one downloaded archive somewhere… and (as found under packages folder):

cd cnijfilter-mg2500series-4.00-1-deb
cd packages
sudo dpkg -i cnijfilter-common_4.00-1_amd64.deb
sudo dpkg -i cnijfilter-mg2500series_4.00-1_amd64.deb

Related scanner application is here (repeat procedure from above):

NOTE: There are few related dependencies that PureOS should recognize (pickup if needed) automatically.

I got the printer working. Thank you.
Now I have a print job qued, which I would like to cancel but it will not let me. Neither the x nor the ‘clear all’ does anything.Screenshot from 2022-01-06 20-15-44

I’d rather cancel (delete) previous printout jobs by erasing pending jobs over built-in buttons. Meaning that you need to erase/cancel already present buffer (its memory with files, pending jobs) within this printer memory chip, on Canon MG2500 itself (even just powering-off might not help). Cannot confirm or think of any other workaround option. Once this current file erased (over printer buttons) you can repeat things to “see” if able to cancel current print jobs by mouse click as well, reproduce things. Software communication with your printer is there, hope things will work as expected.

Perhaps not already there, please install Print Settings application:
sudo apt install system-config-printer

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I did install that earlier and it helps. I think the printer is working well now. Thank you.

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