Pristine Librem 13 for Sale

I purchased two Librem 13 laptops in May 2018, and I’ve found that I really don’t use the second one all that much, so I wanted to see if anyone was interested in purchasing from me. It’s in great shape, and I really only used it for about 3-4 weeks before it went back into a box in my closet. Here are the specs:

Librem 13, Version 3
CPU: Intel Core i7 6500U
RAM: 16 GB, DDR4, 2133 MHz
Hard Drive: M.2 SSD, 500 GB NVMe (this was a significant and costly upgrade from the standard 2.5” SATA hard drive)
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 520
Display: 13.3 inch, 16:9, 1920x1080 pixels
Operating System: PureOS

Includes a US AC Adapter power plug, wireless Internet capability, and the pre-installed TPM module. Keyboard is US as well.

This laptop cost over $2000 (mostly because of the hard drive and RAM upgrades), and has been used very sparingly. Willing to sell for $1000, plus reasonable shipping costs. Cheers!

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Can you share any images? I’d be interested!

Sure, here are a few pics of the laptop I took today.

Thanks! I PM’d you with a couple more questions / so we can discuss more details.

For liability reasons we don’t allow commercial transactions to be conducted in the forums. This wasn’t made clear in the forum rules, which I will now update to clarify the situation.

Apologies for any confusion and inconvenience.

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Following a discussion, I’ve updated the forum rules. Apologies for any confusion.

I’m confused. At the link given the forum rules say in the last section:

Notes related to used devices and commercial activity
Purism does allow third-party posts offering used devices for convenience to the community only.

So does this mean that it’s OK for people to offer used Librem devices for sale?

@nochelibre, apparently the guideline was changed within one day. Topic closed, rules updated, topic reopened… :slight_smile:

@david.boddie in my opinion, you should even encourage this, because it keeps the value of Purism devices high. A Purism device is most valuable to Purism fans. Selling a used one helps those who want one but can’t afford the full price, and those who want to upgrade to a later revision, too. I would encourage you to create a dedicated sub-forum for this purpose, with a disclaimer, encouraging users to use other platforms (e.g. ebay) for the actual transaction to be somewhat safe.


i tend to mostly agree to the above except for long distance shipping. i prefer safe hand to hand when possible.

refurbished purism products can also add value especially if it’s legit. apple understood this a little too well.