Privacy apps - Wire, Sudo, etc

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Here’s what one of my main concerns is at the moment. Apps like Sudo, Wire, and ProtonMail - do you think that they would be available on the Librem?

That would be my dream if so. Obviously part of that is the development team for those respective apps. I imagine the developers are probably keeping an eye on the Librem platform and are probably planning ahead. Just some food for thought.

There were some intentions and encouraging statements about Purism working with Open Whisper Systems to port Signal to PureOS but I haven’t seen anything in practice.

Not a criticism, just an observation.

Hello ! about protonmail - they currently only have dedicated apps for Apple and Android but they will probably make on for librem 5 once it takes off. that is because purism have their own app-store.

ProtonMail can be accessed in a classic way - through a web-browser (that means you have to trust their servers but it’s still good enough for me right now)

Patience is key if you can’t contribute code early on.

I would be happy to use ProtonMail in the browser. Actually, I would prefer doing that. My worry would be whether it would work. But I expect if the browser is equivalent to a desktop browser in this respect, then it will work. (I was using ProtonMail in my BlackBerry 10 browser at one time, and at some point it no longer worked. I assume ProtonMail upgraded and left the unsupported BB10 behind.)

By the way, trusting ProtonMail servers would apply whether using it in browser or via app, correct?

Depends if the app includes/evaluates code from the server or not.

i have a bbq10 too but it’s starting to show it’s age (software wise it’s dead) hardware works ok but hey librem 5 around the corner.

study it carefully and the blog also. the code is open-source so it’s transparent for inspection. apps are more secure that normal-web-browser because of how easy it is to verify the identity.

on the hardware side they don’t say what infrastructure their on but it’s probably proprietary and locked tight under a friggin’ swiss mountain in Europe so it’s unclear how to take that … probably with a mountain of salt …