Privacy Badger for Purebrowser?

I’m not certain what exactly is stopping this plugin from installing (it works fine in fierfox) but as far as I can tell it is very much in line with the Purism philosophy. If you search the page for the word “source” you will see a link to their github and mailing lists, etc. They also say it’s under a GPLv3 license.

I think this would be useful to have because it allows two sorts of blocking: cookies only or domain level block-everything. It has an interface that is much simpler to use than editing /etc/hosts all the time and puts an expanded version of those capabilities in the hands of normal users.

I can install it just fine, here’s the direct link:

Oh that’s weird. Your link worked fine for me. The website I linked is how I usually grab it. I think at one point it actually removed itself as well because I switched from Firefox to Purebrowser after I’d been using PureOS for awhile. So that’s why it wasn’t working for me earlier.

Yes, I agree completely. Privacy badger is free software and sponsored by the EFF.