Privacy librem5 app whishlist

Write your privacy apps list you whould like to have in librem5 from the day one

2)camera app with metadata editor
3) firefox version compatible with desktop profile we can copy
4)matrix client and linphone client
5)offline maps like osmand, not really about privacy but a must

What’s your list?

6) linphone an awesome linux sip client, i think they just need to make a mobile ui because this is already avalaible for linux

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I would argue that offline apps like osmand are essential for privacy. Without them, you leak data with every server request and the server know everywhere you go, everything you do.


macchanger that by default uses a new mac adress on public wifi every new connection and scan if you do that actively. Passive listening should be preferred for finding available devices and networks

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My App-Whish-List for the Librem 5 based on Android Apps:

  1. KeepassXC
    At least a Client which is compatible to Keepass Databases

  2. OpenVPN
    I think that’s a pure a must have

  3. Orbot, Orfox
    Or any other easy way to access TOR

  4. Jondonym
    Old fashiones, not up to date with encryption but convenient and still better than (public) VPN’s

  5. Silence (SMS Secure)
    An easy way to encrypt Standard-SMS

  6. Conversations
    A Jabber-XMPP Client, which is able to handle OMEMO

    Even though I’m not in line with the Privacy Statement of Matrix and even though I still do not understand, why it is not possible to finally delete a complete Room as a Room-Admin (which actually is a privacy no-go).

  8. Secure WiFi Manager
    Keeps Privacy and saves a lot of Battery: By analyzing the Base-band-Towers, it detects, whether your are close to known WiFi and switches WiFi on and off automatically

  9. NextCloud Client
    Simply a must-have. Of course including Contact-, Calendar- and Task-List Synchronization.

  10. AIMSICD / Snoopswitch
    Get an idea on the Mobile-Phone-Network, Silent SMS, IMSI Catchers and other nasty stuff

  11. OpenKeychain / GnuPG
    Painful but still necessary :wink:

  12. Browser with Privacy Features or Plug-In’s
    NoScript, HTTPS Everywhere, uBlock Origin

  13. SMS Theft Control
    There is no Open-Source-App available for this functionality, at least as far as I know …
    Define a another specific Mobile Phone Number from which (and only from this Number) you can sent encrypted Commands with a hashed Password like:

  • locate -> submits the Geo-Coordinates of the lost / stolen phone to the other Mobile Phone
  • submit -> sent a Message to the lost or Stolen Mobile Phone, visible on the Lock Screen (Give me back my phone, please call the following Number…)
  • erase -> Throws away the encryption keys of the lost / stolen Phone
    There are other Commands, which could be useful.
    At least such solution would avoid using the usual spying 3rd Party Servers for such functionality.
  1. Firewall between Base-band- and Application Processor
    Of course only possible if Base-band- and Application processor physically 2 devices, which so far is not available in the market (unfortunately)

That’s so far my basic “should have”-Privacy-List.


My wish would be Threema ( and I wrote to threema during croudfunding and they said to develop threema on the librem 5 if the campaign was successful. That’s why I’m confident

My most needed app: Anki, flashcards spaced repetition software for learning.
I’d like to see an implementation of delta chat, meaning that when in phone mode, sending e-mails could be done just as sending any message on most common android messengers.
Maybe (impossible, but desirable) a Brazilian-portuguese voice sinthetization app.

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Totally agree with @o-k :

  • Silence for end-to-end encrypted SMS/MMS (a must-have since this protocol is used more than we think).
  • KeepassXC (or Keepass2) for managing passwords
  • Nextcloud client (but this one is already almost official)

I heared also OSMAnd which is also needed to be not tracked.

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Anki runs on Debian. It’s open source. I use it. I will have it on my Librem 5. Then[1] you will have it too. Promise.

[1] Unless someone else beats me to it, in which case you’ll have it before I do :wink:


Signal. It’s available as an electron app, so this should be doable.

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Could not agree more, without these apps our privacy on Librem 5 is doomed…

Just kidding :grin: thanks for referencing Anki though, I looked it up and it looks like a useful app :wink:

Hahaha… Maybe I missed the point with anki about the privacy issue. :slight_smile:

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Nice! Great news @Dwaff! :smiley:

Signal would be useful to have compatible.


@be_root: Do you have any kind of “official” statement that they are going to implement a client for the Librem 5? Would love to see Threema on my new phone, since I convinced all my (important) contacts to switch from WhatsApp to Threema and I won’t convince them to change the chat app again, no way.

I don’t see any comments about ring ( I wonder why, since it’s an official GNU package… It doesn’t have any central server and the code is totally open.

yes. firewall. as many firewalls as possible. and a tin foil wallet for rfid.

Anyone know of a libre contactless system we can use?

@o-k’s list seems ok… +

  • Nexcloud Talk would be a nice addition
    Also allow for syncying contacts / calendars to nextcloud (WebDav, CalDav, CardDav).

  • Firefox (inlcuding uMatrix as extension).

  • USBguard to fend off unknown USB “contacts”.

  • IPSEC / L2TP support next to OpenVPN

  • Blokada / Pi-Hole like functionality

Since I drive an electric car, I often use the PlugShare and ChargePoint apps to locate available charging stations. These sites can be accessed via a web browser. When my car is using a ChargePoint charger, however, the app will show real time charging information (it will tell me if charging has slowed or when it is complete). I could conceivably live without the app, but it’s nice to have.