My librem 5 wish list

This is my list of features that would convince me to pull the trigger. Things i get from my current mobile phone, but with a bit more control

webdav support for cloud stuff but under our own control,
-Contact sync
-instant upload of photos
-general backup of settings.

i’d prefer native support for webdav to a client for own/next or whatever private cloud solution people come up with.

Native mapping app This is probably the most important feature for me in a smart phone, everything else I can live without but I’ve completely lost the ability to circumnavigate life and find things without GPS assistance.

wireguard vpn or something similar. with an always on / force all traffic option.

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As you did search for similar topics in order to not open yet another wish list topic you could even have called the topic “Jasonm’s librem 5 wish list”.

For others see:

For your posts regarding which apps you need, you will probably also already have seen the very good posts by Caliga

And there’s also a video on contact, calendar sync via the native gnome function in the qemu image:

Backup has it’s own news (also linked in a post above):

Instant upload of photos would probably work if you just use the nextcloud desktop client which you can probably use good enough with the newest desktop-modes on the librem 5 shown in the news recently.

Webdav should not be a problem either as this is there in gnu/linux.

Mapping app is also shown in the AMA videos. Wireguard and vpn are also already there in gnu/linux, at least if you use it as you would on the desktop.

So I would say you can pull the trigger, but don’t trust me, look all those sources I linked and happy buying.

I called it my wish list because i don’t often talk about myself in the 3rd person.

I also understand many of the features exist in the underlying linux subsystem, but my meaning is for them to be supported natively in a way that the experience feels integrated into the phone / system
not in a way that you ssh into it and configure things manually the linux way…

I also prefer not relying on a 3rd party app when native support for a standard protocol solves the problem in a broader way.

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GNOME supports CalDAV and CardDAV, unfortunately it isn’t exposed in the Accounts settings. You would have to use Evolution to add Contacts and Calendars. After that they appear all the apps which are using GOA (GNOME Online Accounts) like the default calendar and contacts app. Yes, an option to add them in the Acounts pane without using Evolution would be nice.

Wireguard shouldn’t be a problem either. It has landed in Linux 5.6 and I guess it doesn’t take too many time to support it in the VPN settings for GNOME.

Edit: Concerning WebDAV: Nautilus, the default GNOME file manager, supports WebDAV. When it has finally been ported to mobile, you can use it like any other external file storage directly within the file manager.


Also maps is being worked on.


I thought they had given up on that due to still barely making the OS function properly for things like multi tasking, web navigation and their notification center system.

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