Privacy Oriented Voip Service with EU number?

Hi Everyone,

Posted a topic just now, but find it may narrow the reply, changed the topic slightly to get right reply.

I’ve been using, find it quite good, but I do need a EU number to call or receive phone calls, and message.

Can anyone recommend me a similar service but with EU number.
by similar service I mean, they are privacy friendly, not questing tooo much information while opening account or make payment.

their app works on degoogle phone and desktop.

I know their website states they have community project like twilio.SGX, but twilio is not stable, can close your account for a small reason.

Hushed, MySudo ok, but the apps doesn’t work degoogle phone, or don’t have a web app.

If you tried anything works well, I mean VOIP via SIP calling, please recommend, thank you

Another option, if you can’t find a suitable VOIP provider, is to buy a prepaid SIM online, for a network in the EU (or a UK SIM that roams in the EU at an additional cost).

I bought a Vodafone prepaid SIM on Amazon, already activated by the vendor, and I keep it alive by either topping up every 180 days (well, a few days before the 180 mark), or by incurring some small charge for a text or call every 180 days (for example, to an automated time check number). For online top-ups, I do have to enter credit card info (including name and address), so that might not suit your use case. Three UK and Orange also sell SIMs online (Amazon and eBay). Also GiffGaff, and others.

Also, while convenient, they might not be the most cost-effective, depending on your usage. At least you wouldn’t have to provide a copy of your passport to the carriers.

amarok, thanks a lot for your advice and thinking for the solution, for work reason I need to use the app on the computer as well, so preferably voip, sip calling.

thanks all the same to the kindness :slight_smile:

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