Problem: openvpn client configuration + pfsense auth package


Does anyone have already tried to connect to a pfsense vpn access point with their pfsense package auth?
by pfsense package auth, I mean the certificate from the domain, the tls key for the pre-shared auth, your login, your password, and of course the ovpn config file.
If yes, which option did you choose in pureOS network manager, password with certificates(TLS)?
Did you encounter timeout problems?

I’m encountering it, but the command ovpn ( sudo openvpn --config pfSense1-TCP-1197-config.ovpn --ca pfSense1-TCP-1197-ca.crt --tls-auth pfSense1-TCP-1197-tls.key ) does it job.

Should we ask the devs from gnome network manager or pureOS would like to step up to modify the code?