Problem removing packages from PureOS store and installing a certain deb. file

I recently have a problem removing installed apps/packages, from the PureOS store at least, and I will need help removing them. Is it safe to use the terminal to --Purge them out, say?

And while I’m here, I have difficulty installing an edited trelby.deb file (which is an awesome screenplay writing software, the edit making it installable on modern distro’s since the makes haven’t updated their apps); but every time I try to install it I get a message saying that I don’t have the authority to install it; even though it never asked me for a password. It appears to be using KDE’s Discover store. Is this something I can again only do through the terminal?

Any advice or info request would be well appreciated
Thank you

With dpkg -l you can always check which apps are installed, and what they are called exactly.
Then you can remove any one of them with sudo apt remove 'exact-name-of-app-in-the-list. Use sudo apt remove to remove any dependencies.
(I would hazzard a guess you need sudo apt remove falkon.)

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Alright, that appeared to have worked. I would’ve used purge, but worked nevertheless. wasn’t sure it things could be done that way. Shame it couldn’t be done from the PureOS store, but this method works.

Thank you very much. I should’ve known it would’ve been that easy.

While I was at it, I just decided to install the trelby.deb file myself by locating the directory where it’s in along with using the command:

sudo dpkg -i ‘trelby_2.4.8_all.deb’

but first needed to install python3-wxgtk4.0 via:

sudi apt install python3-wxgtk4.0

Tried the previous install process and it worked perfectly. Awesome! There is no other mobile that can do this. I love the Librem 5.

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I’ve encountered this a good few times. Most of the time there is a small spelling error (forgotten hyphen or capital letter) that stops the removal in its tracks. Bit sloppy, but easily overcome.

Guess that makes sense for it to behave in that way.

Not helpful to anyone new to linux terminals though. Hopeful these can be fixed on the future