Problem replacing the Librem 5 Wi-fi module

Heads up for anyone who may be thinking about replacing the WiFi module in the Librem 5:
While attempting to attach the two wire leads to the SparcLAN module, one of the wires broke off of the snap-on contact at the end of the wire, rendering the phone unusable with WiFi. I do have a small soldering pencil and am going to attempt to repair, but the miniscule size of the snap-on contact is probably going to make this difficult to do.


The end of the cable snapped off? Open the case and replace the cable. See: New librem 5 wifi cable broken

The cables can be replaced, but I just wanted to say that personally I couldn’t bother with opening the whole case to reroute the cables when I was replacing the card in my phone and ended up connecting just one antenna to the card, and it works fine :wink: Probably not as good as it could with two antennas, but I can’t really complain either.

@dos Thanks for the info. I don’t mind opening the case to replace the cable so I ordered a couple replacements form Digikey. I wasn’t aware that the wires were antennas. So I’m going to use the module with just one antenna until the new ones arrive.

Can you share the link or P/N?

Also those antenna heads are notoriously easy to break and fragile. You really have to try to work with them as little as possible to help prevent them breaking.

@Zimmy The link is https://wwwDOTdigikeyDOTcom/en/products/detail/te-connectivity-amp-connectors/1-2016698-2/16538827

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