Problem with 9/16 update on Byzantium (and Bullseye)

Maybe I did something wrong, but I had issues with the PureOS updates this morning, 63 packages including a new kernel version.

On PureOS, the update failed in apt about mid-way, after adding the new kernel. I ran “sudo dpkg --configure -a” as instructed by apt and it finished. I found on PureOS, however, that my DNS was totally screwed up. It took a while to isolate, and then to fix.

I think there might have been some interference with my VPN, so keep that in mind. I did turn the VPN off, but I had to fake out networking by putting (yikes!) in resolv.conf. Once I got things to resolve, DNS from the VPN seemed to work and I deleted

A similar update failure happened to me in Bullseye yesterday. There, I lost all my icons and windows. (I use dark mode.) I finally got xterm to work where I could see what I was typing and did the dpkg command above. I did not have the DNS issue. My icons and windows came back. Whew!

Just in case others see similar problems…

Unrelated, but a tip nonetheless:

I never use Google’s DNS. For instances like this, I use Quad9, which promises not to track IP addresses:


Thanks for that information. Good to remember.

And just for the hell of it … might also be less evil than Google.