Problem with address confirmation

I have answered the adress confirmation mail right after I received it. I never get a answer of it. Now as I tried to ask how it looks, with my order I get an automated email that my email provider “was considered unsolicited bulk e-mail (UBE).”. I didn`t receive this email after I answered on the adress confiration email. I had wait for a very long time for my device, never complaining. But I don´t accept to be the last in line because purism block my email provider and I should wait now some month more on my order. I only can write about this forum to the support, thanks purism.

Is there any further information in the bounce message about the reason for rejection? e.g. IP address reputation? IP address blacklisted? SPF validation failed? Other validation failed? What is the IP address of the sending server?

If can send email from its backup incoming mail server then their SPF information is actually broken (and there’s no valid PTR either). The primary incoming mail server is fine.

What Purism product are we talking about?

@deutschlaender - please do not mention the order number, you should edit your post and redact that reference.

This reference is used by support to identify your particular order (it is randomized) so posting it here could lead to some impersonation issues.

If you have issues reaching them via email, you could give it a try via Matrix maybe, see:

the whole email is:

was considered unsolicited bulk e-mail (UBE).

Our internal reference code for your message is …

The message carried your return address, so it was either a genuine mail
from you, or a sender address was faked and your e-mail address abused
by third party, in which case we apologize for undesired notification.

We do try to minimize backscatter for more prominent cases of UBE and
for infected mail, but for less obvious cases some balance between
losing genuine mail and sending undesired backscatter is sought,
and there can be some collateral damage on either side.

First upstream SMTP client IP address: []
According to a ‘Received:’ trace, the message apparently originated at:
[], []

It`s for the Librem 14

I want to avoid to use another app on my pc, thats the reason I used only because its easy and secure in use.

OK, that IP address is fine. Still isn’t obvious why the email was classified as spam. Some anti-spam systems will include the various attributes and how they scored.

Anyway, hopefully someone from Purism will respond to this topic.

At least the queue for that product is only 60 days. So that’s the worst case if you lost your place.

@deutschlaender I got the email you sent to support and replied to it less than an hour ago.

But we can communicate via private message

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