Problem with Librem 13 v2 and Samsung 960 pro (with temp. fix)

I just got my Librem 13 v2 and equipped it with a Samsung 960 pro (an m2 nvme ssd) that I bought separately. So now I was ready to install Arch Linux. The disk did show up in the boot menu, so far so good. But when trying to install Arch, the disk was gone (lsblk didn’t show it either). So I checked dmesg and found this

[    7.887827] nvme 0000:02:00.0: controller is down; will reset: CSTS=0xffffffff, PCI_STATUS=0xffff
[    7.906294] nvme 0000:02:00.0: Refused to change power state, currently in D3

Long story short: Thanks to KaKaRoTo on IRC I was able to avoid the problem by booting with nvme_core.default_ps_max_latency_us=0.
Relevant bug:

Update: Another way to “fix” this issue is to downgrade to kernel 4.9 (I’m currently using 4.9.35). This also helped with issues when suspend/resume didn’t work.

I hope this helps somebody else that encounters the same problem.

And a picture (only one, because I’m a new user):


Thanks for this, I am considering changing my Purism 13v2 order to one without a harddrive and supply my own Samsung 960 pro since the price is so much cheaper on now. It helps to know that it is at least possible. I’d be interested in any updates, e.g. if you get it to work with the latest kernel and/or PureOS.

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It’s not possible anymore to order a Purism 13v2 without a harddrive. The problem is that they have to run the machine to check if everything is ok and removing the harddrive took too much time. But you can still order with a normal hard drive and just add the samsung 960 pro.
I don’t have any upates regading the kernel since I’m currently using Arch Linux LTS kernel, which is still 4.9. But maybe I’ll try to update to 4.12 in the next few weeks. I’ll write here, when I now how it went.

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