Problems again starting Librem 5

You mean other than using a FS without permissions like FAT32?

SDConsole# ‘chmod 777 .’ not help to ext4 permission write?

No, you need root to do that first, which is not always available.

When formating the SD to ext4 on computer, you can do # ‘chmod +x .’ only one time and work well in all devices the write permissions, so on L5 it work very well and i do not got any issues. like Portfolio can paste/copy files to SD with ext4.

Yes, exactly: after importing all my contacts, none of them had a phone number.
Then I added the phone numbers of my family members by hand and that’s when I realized that it was not possible to call them by clicking on their number.

I believe this is because / is by default not writeable, for an ext4 file system, as is correctly the case! So on the phone you will need to, as root, create a new top level directory on the uSD card

sudo mkdir /mysd/mytop

and change its ownership to the purism user

sudo chown purism:purism /mysd/mytop

where /mysd is replaced with where the uSD card has been mounted and /mytop is replaced with whatever you want for the actual top level directory name on the uSD card.

If the uSD card is being automounted then /mysd is actually more likely to be /media/purism/label where label is the volume label or volume id.

It depends on where the vcf file came from in the first place and whether it was set up correctly and whether it was set up compatibly.

My vcf file came via Thunderbird (on a regular x86 computer) and I successfully imported hundreds of contacts with phone numbers and some of the contacts also had email addresses and those too imported correctly.

Maybe test your vcf file by importing it into Thunderbird (on a regular x86 computer).

I think it is asking for the purism password (not the root password), and the purism password is the phone unlock PIN.

I didn’t think it defaults to 0000. Are we talking about the phone unlock screen PIN or the SIM unlock PIN? Those would typically be different. (Your SIM may not have an unlock PIN i.e. may not be locked.)

Yes, but you should have ordered that as part of the shipment of your Librem 5. Purism should have given you that option.

Depending on the shipping rules in your country, it may be difficult to get a spare battery shipped separately. Some transport companies will outright refuse to ship a Lithium battery unless it is in a device.

The easiest is if you have an external drive that supports USB-C. Then you can just plug it straight in. I can confirm that this works.

For a regular USB-A flash drive, you will need a USB-A female to USB-C male adapter. I can confirm that this works.

Or you can use a dock / hub as suggested.

In addition to the discussion already, you can do this via Bluetooth. I am doing this successfully.

My impression was the opposite - much faster to boot than my existing iPhone.

You are right, it doesn’t. Not even if the phone is not being used at all. This is on the “to do” list.

Yes, it’s true:

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If purism added the corresponding udev rules to mount external storage as world-writable, that would be a reasonable thing, imho. And should not be hard to do.