Problems connecting to VPN Tunnel

I have a Purism Librem 13 with PureOS and recently started having problems connecting to the VPN tunnel.

When attempting to connect, the attempt eventually times out. I was getting (possibly) weird results from nslookup which would give me two different IP addresses. Also, ping would fail.

Just now, I was able to connect to the VPN just fine, so it may be on-and-off kind of a problem.

Two (or multiple) IP addresses is perfectly reasonable and relatively normal. In fact when I looked just now, I got 14 IP addresses for that domain.

It was probably a one-off but if it happens again, it may help to record here what the IP addresses are.

ping doesn’t work for me either. It is legitimate, but unhelpful, for a host to refuse to respond to ping requests or for intervening network equipment to block ping requests.