Problems with Sound Settings

Hi -
I am using Debian Bullseye on Librem13v4

I am having difficulties with the Sound Setting

  1. It does not see the L5 headphones as an input source. Only as output.
  2. It does not let me choose my output source between the headphones or the built-in speakers.
    Any suggestions are welcomed.
    Thank you

What does $ pactl list sinks | grep -A4 Ports: show when it is plugged and unplugged?
ah, input, then pactl list sources | grep -A4 Ports:

AFAIK the Librem13V4 does not have a combined headset plug but only an headphone output.


so headphones with TRRS will not work as a mic in??

I believe that is correct. You are plugging a TRRS plug into a socket that is not TRRS.

I believe that that is one of the improvements of the Librem 14 over the Librem 13. The headphone socket on the Librem 14 is TRRS.

If this is a major drama for you, you can probably get a USB audio dongle that has a TRRS socket.

Thank @kieran
no it is not a major drama.
thanks for the tip.

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