Processor upgrade

Are there any options for a processor upgrades available for the librem 15? Just out of curiosity. That doesnt mess with the IME thing does, it?

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I’ve already made a thread in the past outlining what most users would like to see in the inevitable Librem 15 v4.

The issue right now I think is Meltdown / Spectre. Regardless of current “fixes” I think those of us sensitive about security and privacy (which is pretty much anyone who’d buy a Purism system) wants those fixed at the hardware level. I don’t see a lot of sense in talking about better hardware than the current Librem until then.

Intel has promised that future chips will not have the Meltdown / Spectre vulnerabilties.

I figure first we wait for the release of such chips, and then we have to wait for Purism to deal with the ME and so forth on it too because every new CPU line is different. I figure after that, then we can talk about what grades of that processor will be available to select. I really do hope they’ll provide more options than just one.

I mean, it’d be even better if Purism has gotten Intel to agree to making “MEless” CPUs for them, like I’ve heard mentioned in their blog before… but I’m assuming that still hasn’t come to fruition yet and won’t this year.

I’m hoping for at least quad-core grades of the next CPU architecture to be available in the Librem 15v4.

But yeah, because of all this and how a lot of their manpower is focused on the phone right now, I’m not really expecting a 15v4 until Fall or Winter this year, really.

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It’s not really a matter of CPU upgrades, though that could be nice. It’s a matter of field-replaceable parts.

We see problem after problem with CPUs. Some of them can only be fully fixed with hardware replacement, rather than firmware changes. Intell has promised new CPUs without the Spectre vulnerability; but if the CPU in your laptop cannot be replaced, you will be out in the cold.

The CPU needs to be be replaceable with a compatible, bug-fixed CPU.

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