Promoting Accessible Privacy/Security

@jeremiah posted regarding GNU Privacy Guard changing (for the good) from upstream. That’s great. I used to play around with PGP, GPG, etc., and I’m all about encryption for the masses. However, I’ve never found PGP/GPG to be particularly useful, mainly because I could never convince others to generate a key pair and use it when communicating with me. Very few commercial enterprises support it… back in the 90’s, I used to buy from Laissez-Faire Books, passing order and credit card info by PGP email. And you know, that’s about it. Only nerds and privacy freaks ever bother!

Privacy/Security needs to be accessible by the masses. I would like to see Purism add DID Authentication/SSI to PureOS, a DID wallet app, and utilize the technology in their store and Librem One. If they did, I’d add their top shelf service package, a Mini, a Librem 14 to my already purchased Librem 5… and become a (more) relentless Purism advocate.

I know it’s not necessarily Purism’s mission or duty to do this, but I do think they are uniquely positioned to seed a revolution if they do, and if we support them. :statue_of_liberty:


Those are good ideas. We’re looking closely at SSI and DID, but bringing out new hardware is a higher priority at the moment. :slight_smile:


I agree completely with your priorities and am very glad to hear that you are looking at it. Keep up the good work!