Proper way to undock the Librem 5

Is there a preferred way to undock from laptop docks, for example? I ask because when I tap on the dock button in quick settings nothing seem to change, other than the docking icon leaving from the status bar.

Do we have any official comments on this from the devs?

I’ve never even thought of tapping the “Docked” icon. I just viciously unplug it from the dock, lol. I would say 95% of the time I don’t have issues when doing that, but there’s a rare occasion when the top panel disappears (and only when I had set the external display as main).

Phosh was recently updated, and I haven’t seen it since. But like I said, it was a rare occurrence so it could just be it hasn’t triggered yet

You just unplug it. “Docked” icon is a way for you to disable docked mode in phosh, which changes the way windows are handled (in docked mode apps aren’t auto-maximized, you can resize and move them around). It has nothing to do with physically unplugging the dock.

For example, if you plug in a small tablet-like screen you may want to keep docked mode disabled.

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Bear in mind that quite a few docks have storage (e.g. integrated card readers) and in any case you might have an external USB drive plugged into one of the ports on the dock. It might be that most Librem 5 users aren’t doing that but if the user is doing that then ejecting first is good. :wink: