Proprietary Software in Software Center!?

Hi there,

unfortunately I found some non-free stuff inside PureOS’ software center. The center says the license is “Proprietary”. Did this get in there on purpose or by accident?

I’m talking about “WolfenDoom: Blade of Agony”

On their GitHub page ( ) for the source, the developers wrote the following about “License”:

“This repository is for development and testing purposes. Contributions are welcome, but you are NOT ALLOWED to use any un-released material for your own projects without our permission!”

You may remove this software from the repository, since it’s non-free and ignores the guidelines for free software by the FSF & by that means PureOS doesn’t follow the guidelines for free GNU/Linux distributions. There maybe other non-free software as well. But as soon as I notice it, I will inform you about it. But please remove it.

Thanks guys!

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If I type in “proprietary” into the center’s search, it lists 4 programs of which following 2 are indeed proprietary:



These shouldn’t be in there… Please remove them.

Thank you!

There is more:

“PowerShell Core”

“PowerShell Core Preview”

Please remove.


Freedom issues are very important and are taken quite seriously by Purism and PureOS. Otherwise, they would not have gotten the FSF’s endorsement for PureOS.

In order to file a report about a freedom issue go to the PureOS bug tracker:

Thank you for noticing these issues and bringing them to the attention of others. Please report them on the PureOS bug tracker so that the developers of PureOS can remove offending packages in a timely manner.


@mrmrrs The reason you are seeing “WolfenDoom” and other proprietary applications in the software center is because you have snapd and gnome-software-plugin-snap installed. These applications are not coming from the PureOS repositories, but from the Snap store, as highlighted below:


@david.libremone Thank you for your response. I’m glad, that those applications are not directly coming from Purism:) So the Software Center stops displaying any foreign packages or snaps, if I uninstall snapd & gnome-software-plugin-snap?
And is there any possibility to check if there is any proprietary software installed on my machine? Like by command line or so?

I’ve never used it, but vrms (Virtual Richard M. Stallman) might work


@taylor-williamc It worked! Thank you!

First I thought you were trolling me with the vrms command relating to Stallman (who I truly admire) being so strict about proprietary software, because it seemed just so absurd. But it actually exists & works perfectly :joy:

So, I did not uninstall snapd or gnome-software-plugin-snap by now, but instead just installed vrms through apt install vrms & then typed vrms, receiving the following output:

“No non-free or contrib packages installed on DAW! rms would be proud.”

I love this program, seriously. It made my day. LOL

Bigup to “Bdale Garbee” & “Bill Geddes” for coming up with this software:D

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@mrmrrs @taylor-williamc I suspect that vrms only checks against packages installed with apt. This covers packages from the PureOS repo and any other apt repos you have added. This would not apply to packages installed with snap or flatpak. To perform a manual check on those packages you can list them as follows:

snap list # packages installed with snap
flatpak list # packages installed with flatpak

Note that packages from any external sources you have configured (e.g. Snap Store, Flathub) will still appear in the Software Center, so you still need to check the license field before installing.

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Thx, now I’ve also checked for snaps & flatpaks. Then I removed any proprietary snaps, flatpaks were not installed.

I’ve noticed more proprietary software that isn’t from the snap store. Terminator the terminal emulator in the software center is designated proprietary, and its source is pureos-green-main. This program can also be installed from the command line with apt.

The Atari small font also says it has a proprietary license. Also when I first received my laptop, there was a proprietary program pre-installed which I removed. I thought it might have been a bug and really didn’t think about it. I forgot which one it was, but I believe it was another font or something.

After trying to find Terminators license from its website, from what I can find it seems that it is licensed as GPL v2. I am not 100% sure, I’m still new to this, but it seems like it could be a mistake in the software center. It’s strange though because when I used Ubuntu, I saw it with the same proprietary license in their software center. So I’m not sure.

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@Xx5 Yes, I can confirm this.
The Software Center is showing it being proprietary & it’s indeed from pureos-green-main.

Is the shown license an error or that it’s from pureos-green-main?

I’m a bit confused here^^

Who are you going to trust, The Software Center or terminator’s source code?

You might be confused because you didn’t do your homework. FWIW, I don’t think there’s an actual license called Proprietary. What it should have had in the license field was GPL2, but I only know that because I read the source code.

Also because Java in this case might not meet the stringent requirements needed to be considered FOSS as terminator requires Java to function?

Nope. FOSS Java implementations exist.