ProtonMail iOS app is open source - ProtonMail Blog


too bad it’s not on gitlab. for those that don’t know the github platform is M$ property.


as long as you have local repo copy and free license attached it’s ok, you can always push it elsewhere should they chose to kill it.


Precisely, no need to fearmonger just yet. Cool of ProtonMail as well.


Always been a big fan of proton. It seems like the devs really care about privacy.


it’s not all daisies and butterflies with ProtonMail but it’s better than others …


It’s GPL 3.0! That’s even more exciting.


it’s exciting untill you reach that word INFRASTRUCTURE. god knows what’s happening under that mountain …


What are you contentions? I’m yet to see anything that really concerns me.


That’s good, I use Proton and enjoy it. Let’s hope they’ll make a client for the Librem 5.
It’s not good when the large techs buy the little peeps. M$ buys Github and now Google buys Fitbit. I have to keep on moving to stay on allied ground.


just the potential hidden backdoors in the proprietary infrastructure (the bare-metal-host-hardware that houses the free-software-servers). if the lower-levels were not a concern we would not be interested in open-hardware … because as much as sustainability is a concern so is privacy and security ?