Protonvpn service

I would like to know if any of you have installed the proton vpn? If yes can you please provide instructions how to install the vpn?
Thank you.

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I did this a long time ago, and it was not on the Librem 5. It was on a Librem 13 with PureOS and on a Debian system, so I am not sure it works the same way.

Basically, I downloaded the .deb package from ProtonVPN. Installing that set everything up, including the repository, SRP, and required keys. Once complete, I installed the protonvpn package. I did not do the tray icon, and I would not think that is appropriate on a phone anyway.

These steps are described in ProtonVPN’s instructions.

As I recall, debsig-verify did not work at that time on the downloaded package, as it did with the bridge. If that is still true, make sure you are getting it from the official website.

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Also make sure you’re getting the arm64 deb, if there even is one. If not, you’ll have to use openvpn.

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Oh, good point, and that is probably the issue. I do not use the Librem 5, so the difference did not occur to me.


It appears I made a mistake in my original post. If you need to set up OpenVPN, you can login to your ProtonVPN account and select “Downloads.” That will give you the option to download the configuration files for the countries and configuration you want, e.g. Secure Core. (I did this on that unnamed OS, because I almost never use it, the ProtonVPN client did not work very well for me, and OpenVPN was much faster.) Someone else will need to help you tie those configurations into the Linux Settings->Network->VPN, though it may be obvious once you have the configurations. Good luck.

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I can report that following the Proton instructions will get the client installed on the Librem 5 and that it works.


Thank you, Wayne, Gavaudan, 2disbetter!
Appreciate the help!