Public bug tracker for librem 5 issues

is there a public bug tracker for the librem 5?
there are some things that are annoying like:

  • after every reboot, the system time resets to february 2019, rendering tsl cetificates invalid. Hence even updating the device fails, until I correct the date.
  • working on the terminal, keys such as arrow up and tab would be extremely helpful
  • what is the easiest way to import contacts?
  • is there any setting I can tweak to make the battery last longer?
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Has links and descriptions on how to reach developers and how to file bugs. Especially


Re/ the time: you could configure some cronjob which fetches the exact time from some ntp-server. I do this with all my laptops:

# crontab -l
03 * * * *   /usr/sbin/ntpdate -b -s

Could you please post a screenshot of the OSK to get an idea about which keys are there? Thanks

matthias (ordered at 7th October 2017, still have to wait for mine)


Or use cron with “@reboot” in the time field to start an NTP client service.

But why isn’t an NTP client service started automatically?

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If you connect to the internet via a WiFi protected by wpa-enterprise (that’s what I usually do at work), that will not work as you have to check the certificate of the network before you get an ip address, usually you want to have a RTC running even if your phone is switched off.

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It seems a recent update improved the situation. Now when I boot the phone and I have no internet connection, the system time continues where it was at the last shutdown.


For contacts, take a look at etesync. I know it works on android, but I haven’t personally tried it on linux. They have a desktop DAV bridge.

But will this work with the Librem 5 Contacts app?
Do we know where the data is saved? If it is in the same place as with ubports, I could hack together a script with syncevolution. But I would rather have a GUI option where I can enter the details of my davical server.
For starting, an option to import a vcard file would be nice.

I agree with @kieran that the proper solution would be to have ntp/ntpsec installed.
Using ntpdate in cron is the old-school work around, typically used before having a dedicated ntp service was common and typically supplied by default.
The ntp package is in the repo so getting it installed should be easy enough. Launch a terminal and run :
sudo apt install ntp
The installation should prompt you for an ntp server, in case you have a preference, but provides one as a default.

I don’t have a Librem 5 and as I said, never used it on linux. I believe it does handle vcards (vcard used to mean something else back in the day…).

If the website doesn’t answer your questions let me know and I’ll look into it more. I have already a while back (switching to the L5 is the motivation behind seeking out etesync in the first place), but don’t remember the details. Finding whatever information is missing would benefit the both of us, and I daresay a lot of others.

I am not 100% sure how the contact app works because my last run on the emulator is a while ago. Afaik the contacts app is derived from the official GNOME contacts app. Then it should by default use EDS (Evolution Data Server) as a source. EDS has CalDAV and CardDAV support and the way to go should be opening the system settings > online accounts. Afaik the GUI option there is limited to Nextcloud for CalDAV/CardDAV. On desktop Linux it is possible to use the Evolution application to add CalDAV and CardDAV directly. You could try to install it, add them and be happy - but the Evolution interface has not been adapted right now. You maybe could work-around by using an external monitor if possible.
Directly adding CalDAV and CardDAV on GNOME is an ongoing issue. It is tracked here: There is also another workaround mentioned (see last post). Maybe and hopefully this will be possible in the near future.

As Librem 5 / PureOS uses systemd, the lighweight solution that should be preinstalled is systemd-timesyncd. Configuration can be found at /etc/systemd/timesyncd.conf and you can check the current status with timedatectl status. You can control the service with timedatectl set-ntp. So there’s no need to install ntp if you don’t have special requirements.


I installed evolution, and got really close. I don’t know if an external monitor with mouse and keyboard would work at this stage. But I tried to run it from ssh through X forwarding. But it didn’t work, maybe because the phone uses wayland?
So I started evolution on the phone and restored an evolution backup from the desktop. I entered all the passwords for mail, caldav and carddav accounts. When rotating the screen back and forth, I found my way through the dialogs. Sometimes the button I needed was only a third on the screen, but that was enough. Where it fails at the moment is approving the TLS certificates for evolution. I can’t get to the button I need, and there don’t seem to be keyboard shortcuts.

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The system time is not such an issue any more. Since Sunday evening it synchronizes if the phone has internet, and since yesterday evening it starts out with the time at last shutdown. This state is acceptable for the moment.
There is only one small issue remaining with the system time: When boot the phone after a few hours, connect to the wifi and immediately search for software updates, I get a message that the files will get valid in a few hours. After I wait a couple of seconds, the system time updates from the internet. Then I search for updates again and this time it works.
It’s not perfect, but I can live with that. There are more pressing issues left.


Can you maybe play a bit with the screen scaling options or the system’s font size?

edit: Or another idea I just had. I’m not sure about the nextcloud implementation. But maybe you could easily fake a nextcloud instance by editing the /etc/hosts file to map a nextcloud-like dav URL to your real CardDAV and CalDAV URLs. Then adding the fake nextcloud dav url to system > online accounts.

I imported all my contcts from a vcf file in evolution to the personal address book. Now they show up in the phone contacts app. Good enough for the moment…

Oh, and since yesterday I can also receive text messages.