Pure Browser + Firefox Lockwise?

For the Purism Team: Please make your browser compatible with Firefox Lockwise Password Manager. Can you do this?

As purebrowser will be based off of Gnome Web in the future, I don’t think that an integration with a Mozilla service will be on their list. Check Purebrowser switches from firefox to Gnome Web

Now I understand why that didn’t install at all. The main reason I asked this was for the password manger I use called 1Password (https://1password.com/)
Is there another well-built actively developed password manager I could use instead?

Here are a couple of alternatives

I personally use KeePassXC. You may try out various libre password managers to your liking. :slight_smile:

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I went with your choice, gorgeous UI. I was surprised.

I do have a big Donation goal of directly donating to the specific developers of each open-source software tool I personally use. Kind of a “Micro-Foundation” of sorts for direct charitable donations.

Only when I am debt free and my future small business is self-supporting. After those two are set, then I will start donating. In fact, with the research I have done, I intend to run my business on open-source.

Literally putting my money where my mouth is, now that I have found Purism as my preferred technology supplier since it is a social purpose company focused on privacy and security 100%.


P.S. Pardon the rant, When I find & use something I truly believe in I get chatty.


The Nextcloud system has a password manager. Purism is working with Nextcloud on things too. I run my own Nextcloud server and it’s not too hard. The password manager has an app for android and plugins for Firefox & Chrome, also there’s web browser access to it on the Nextcloud instance from any connected device.

@merupp So between you two and others. I am not lacking for options. I am just trying for figure out the minimum number of apps I need for my diverse interests. Also, for being secure. Edit: I will stick to KeyPassXC for now.

Business wise, the Next Cloud option would be something to look into for scaling up my future small business.

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Oh hell yes. I have shed every feature I used on Google by spinning up my own Nextcloud server, and I used an enormous amount of Google’s obscure services. In some ways, you are making the right choice to have passwords served by a different system because if you mess up the operation of your server you still have all your passwords working. :wink: I’m a bit of a hack admin and I’ve done ignorant things with a PHP upgrade that denied me access to my Nextcloud and other servers on that machine. It was over 24 hours for me to figure out what I did wrong.

That is why, when in doubt, I do thing locally. That is why I was hanging on to 1Password, the login information is stored locally on my current computer. Local and backups.

I do not like having to maintain personal servers, too much that can go wrong in my opinion. I already have a plan, including how to backup and restore files.


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