Pure OS and remote desktop

I have been using a tigervnc/xinetd setup with Ubuntu up to 20.04 with some success. The cool thing about tigervnc/xinetd is that one can relay any XDMCP compliant login manager to remote clients and thus avoid the insecure vnc password logins and having to define a separate vnc port for each of possibly many users. In the same time, TLS authentication/certification built in TigerVNC means newbie users on limited OS-es can completely avoid use/installation of SSH and tunnels. But, I digress.

I am curious how well does XDMCP/VNC combo work on PureOS. Did anyone try this yet? I am also open to suggestions regarding other remote desktop solutions (outside of VNC), as long as they support multiuser login (on the same port :slight_smile: ) .