Pure OS default UI flavor

Hi there, new to this community.
I was curious about the libre OS’s and downloaded Pure OS, but I am still not confident enough to install it, as there is, as I see it, missing information on the web page useful for comparing the system to other distros.

  1. What is the default ui “flavour” the new Byzantium uses? The alternative one reads KDE plasma, but the default doesn’t refer to a known UI.
    I would suggest, the site offers more side-to-side comparative info (benchmarking, i believe this is called?)

PureOS uses Gnome by default (I am pretty sure version 3.38, although I don’t have PureOS installed on a desktop or laptop computer so I don’t know that).

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Yes, Gnome 3.38 is the verson, and there are several options at the login screen (for example, to use Zoom with screen sharing you have to log in using X11, due to compatibility issues with Wayland).

Byzantium (PureOS 10) is based on Debian Bullseye (Debian 11), while PureOS Amber (POS 9) was based on Debian 10 (Buster).

The (re-)install process is fairly straightforward – I’ve just done a couple of wipe/re-installs in the last couple of weeks to refresh the system. The backup utility makes this pretty easy.

You can always do a test run by booting from a USB to get a sense of what it’s like. The installation guide walks you through this quite well.

Good luck!