Pure OS not booting

I have downloaded Pure OS on a usb stick and successfully booted it, after I installed it and restarted my computer. BusyBox showed up after I decrypted a disk.

Please help, I am using MacBook

First you do not need to cover the camera with Purism Electronics. :wink:
Probably your machine is not compatible with gnu free software system. Try install linux open source system like Ubuntu in ur macbook.

I think it’s compatible because it was running perfectly from a usb. Only encountered a problem when installed

(This is not uncommon.)

I suggest you search for other topics relating to attempts to boot Linux / PureOS on Apple laptops.

Try edit the gnu_bootloader: example: GRUB CMDLINE LINUX DEFAULT=”quiet splash acpi=off” just add "acpi=off"at end to complete the line. then boot again.