Pure OS Upstreaming

I as understand pure OS has no blobs, why other distros like Debian with similar philosophy of being libre do not use the libre drivers of pure OS?

Some distros (perhaps optionally) support proprietary blobs so that users have the choice to use hardware that otherwise could not be used. debian has, or used to have, that option off by default. unbuntu pretty agressively supports proprietary blobs by default.


On Debian now the default option is on, but they could use the purism version if it’s truly blob free.

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Nop because Debian is not Libre because Redhat y Ubuntu(both enterprise) is owning Debian but also Debian is Slave from Fedora, yes sound crazy but that is the reality.

btw what do you have to say about arch in that regard?

ArchLnx is another Ridiculous and Silly Distro, many savvy-tech " " peoples is in there, not sure why, because nothing fancy just another bloated os in fact Slackware could be much much better than. IMHO.
ArchLnx is Slave too from Redhat y Ubuntu.

Can you point to any evidence that either of those claims is true?


How and why? Give some evidence about it please


Yes i will just give me some time, i freaking busy.