Pure OS won't 'see' internet on my wired network --> Resolved (mostly)

I have had PureOS on several computers for several weeks. Recently, the PureOS on my repurposed older desktop quit having internet access, despite being plugged into the Ethernet on my LAN, like always. Other computers on my network have internet access, so I am stumped as to what the cause may be. Any tips? thank you.

Hmm… nevermind.
Apparently, all I had to do was go into Network settings & enable the VPN i recently setup. So, PureOS won’t let you just connect to internet the plain old way after you’ve installed VPN software? Is this normal?

I’ll connect either way (VPN on or off), on either ethernet or Wifi. I’m not sure what the issue could be.

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Not all VPNs are created equal.

It may be that the VPN software buggered up your DNS settings so that after installation and without VPN, the “network” is working but, since no domains will resolve, most things will appear not to be working. But this is just one angle to investigate.