Pureboot 16 and virtualization

Noted this morning that Pureboot 16 was available. I updated and all seemed well, until I wanted to start a virtual machine using virt-manager. No matter which machine, I always received the following error message:

Error starting domain: unsupported configuration: Domain requires KVM, but it is not available. Check that virtualization is enabled in the host BIOS, and host configuration is setup to load the kvm modules.

Since the Pureboot change was the only thing that changed since yesterday and I had a backup of 15.1, I just downgraded, now everything with KVM is working again and my machines start normal. Any ideas? Is this a bug or a feature of Pureboot 16?

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host OS?

definitely not a ‘feature’ that things would break with a new release

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  • Librem 13v4
  • PureOS amber
  • 4.19.0-14-amd64

While the kvm kernel module was loaded, I just realized now that the kvm_intel is loaded as well, which was not the case w/ Pureboot 16…

I figured as much :slight_smile: Could easily be though that problem is between keyboard and chair…

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@MrChromebox Any news on this?

sorry, been tied up with L14 stuff. Is there an easy way for me to test this?

Don’t really have a good idea about testing. Might be good to know if it’s reproducible anywhere else. I’m happy to test on my machine if that helps.
I noticed that the kvm_intel kernel module was not loaded with the Pureboot 16 version. No idea of course why this would be the case and where this would come from. Happy to help if you let me know what to look out for, but I’m not sure what else to provide at the moment.

Hi, I use qubes, which is heavily dependent on virtualization. As such, when I flashed the newest update I found that virtualization didn’t work. Had to revert back an update.


I just recently upgraded the firmware to v16 and also am having trouble with this. I use Qubes and the flash broke virtualization, not thinking that the flash was the issue (because I was doing a number of other things), I went to reinstall Qubes and got the attached error, hopefully it helps in diagnosing the issue. I’m going to revert back to a previous version until this is figured out. Thanks!

Librem 13v4
Qubes 4.0.4


Hi, I have the same issue. Once I have upgraded to firmware v16 I cannot use virt-manager or gnome-boxes. How can this issue be resolved? Kind regards!

This has been fixed in Pureboot Release 16.1 – sorry for the inconvenience


Thx. Great work.