Pureboot - Dual boot?

So would like to have PureOs on one drive and QubesOS on the other both with signed /boot. While this should be possible there are not any instructions on this path.

When I have time would like to update some of the HEADS docs but that will be after it’s working for me.


I second this topic. Also If someone could confirm if/how it is possible to implemented this dual booting option with heads and the librem key.

Someone that knows better like MrChromeBox will have to correct me but I believe you need to share /boot with both OS’

/boot has to be unencrypted to work with HEADS/PureBoot.

How does one create or work with a shared /boot?

Looking at http://osresearch.net/Boot on the Heads wiki it looks as though there is a way to have multiple /boot signed but would just need to figure how to have it all configured in heads.

This does not look to be a simple process at the moment.

Sharing /boot between systems is not a good idea and it is not recommended!


Very very true… lots lots bad and issues would happen.

So looking at current heads… How would one dual boot? Or how would one boot from usb?
If limited to one OS then being able to have a usb pureos stick for ROM updates would be cool. Dont know about trying to use ‘flashrom’ via Qubes.

dual boot? create a separate / partition for new OS, but reuse existing /boot partition. Heads will allow you to choose between them.

USB boot? select the option from the menu

so we can do dual booting by creating partitions on the same principal disk. But is it possible to do so on two separate disk. Don’t know what the benefit could be, but i’m just asking.

You can. It works just as well.

With all this I had a heck of a time getting the other part of pureboot (disk decryption with the key) to work because the dual booting messed with the grub configurations. But it is doable especially if you record how things looked before you did the dual booting.

you can have the / partitions on separate disks, no problem. If you have two separate /boot partitions (regardless if on same or different disks), that’s where things get dicey since PureBoot/Heads stores some data in /boot and if you change between different /boot partitions, things get squirrelly

you might need to set some disk LABELS or UID so there won’t be any confusion. in then config files maybe ?