Pureboot + heads + Librem Key with Arch Linux

Will Pureboot (heads) work with Arch Linux? I have a coreboot + seaBIOS currently and planning to move to Pureboot + heads now that I have a Librem key. But I plan to switch to Arch Linux after changing to heads. I’ve been looking at the documentation for heads on the docs site and it states I need PureOS. I’m not sure if that means I need PureOS just for the installation/flash of Pureboot with heads or I need PureOS in order to benefit from heads.

I was hoping someone that has Arch installed could chime in here. I want to be able to use it with the librem key to verify the BIOS and /boot. I will be using grub as the bootloader.

I have librem 13 and I want to install inmutabel Os like Blender OS or Vanilla OS.Why do purisim join venture with the alternative distros to intregate heads into the distros like it does with qubes