Pureboot - How do I see the OS Boot Menus?

I have a Librem Purism 13 inch with Pureboot.

When I boot (for example Tails OS) via USB I am presented with a list of boot options provided by PureOS. In the example of Tails there are 4 options, two of which are troubleshooting mode.

When I select one of the options I boot directly into the OS.

How can I see the actual Tails boot menu with PureOS? For example, if I plug the usb into a computer with a standard BIOS or UEFI, once booting from USB I see the Tails bootloader. These bootloaders have options that I sometimes need to bypass.


In this example I need to access the tails boot loader to access the advanced options and change a boot parameter.

Maybe Heads: how to modify kernel command line? is relevant.

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It sounds like you’re not booting off the USB. I don’t have pureboot, but I would surmise you have to adjust the boot order such that it looks at USB first.

If this has been done, then I would think something is wrong with Tails and you should try re-flashing it.

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So pureboot doesn’t have a boot menu like Seabios?

On mine I just push escape when I see the Purism logo.

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This bears emphasis.

As with most magic keys that you can push during booting … you only have a small window of time to press the key. It has to be pushed at the right time.

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If you use just plain coreboot, then press the esc key after the purism logo disappears. Like said above, there is a short window of time.

If using pureboot. then:

Start your Librem — on the PurBoot menu select “Options” → “Boot options” → “USB Boot” → press ENTER on the first entry

What should take you to the tails initial menu.


Librem Purism 13 inch v4 with Pureboot,up to date
Librem Key

Here is my work flow:

  1. Power on computer. PureBoot Main Menu shows.
  2. Select “Options”
  3. Select “Boot Options”
  4. Select “USB Boot”
  5. A list of boot options appears for tails. Select the first one.
    Result: Tails boots, bypassing the tails boot screen.

I’ve tried every step I possibly can, I can find no way to input boot parameters or access the Tails boot menu. There isn’t an issue with the USB stick, when I boot from it on another computer I am presented with the Tails boot menu as expected.

Thanks, I will look into this. It would be nice to see the default Boot Menu for the OS I am loading, but if I can modify the kernel boot parameters then that should be fine.