PureBoot image has wrong hash

I recently got a Librem 15v4 and a Librem Key (Made in USA) and I am trying to follow the documentation to install PureBoot. After running coreboot_util.sh and choosing “Update firmware using precompiled image” and the appropriate options I get a message at the end that the precompiled image has the wrong hash. See output below.

Which Librem device do you have?

# Broadwell/5th-Gen
1 - Librem 13 v1
2 - Librem 15 v2
# Skylake/6th-Gen
3 - Librem 13 v2
4 - Librem 13 v3
5 - Librem 15 v3
# Kabylake/7th-Gen
6 - Librem 13 v4
7 - Librem 15 v4

My spidey sense tells me it's a Librem 15 v4

Enter your choice (default 7): 7

Which firmware type would you like to flash?

1 - Standard (coreboot/SeaBIOS) [v4.9-Purism-1]
2 - PureBoot (coreboot/Heads)   [v4.8.1-PureBoot-beta8]

Enter your choice: 2

Note: PureBoot firmware is currently in beta, and requires
a Librem Key as well as a dedicated, unencypted boot partition.

Are you sure you want to switch to the PureBoot firmware (y/N) ?  y

Set the device serial number:

1 - Extracted from your local system (xxxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx)
2 - Enter serial number manually
3 - Do not set a serial number

Enter your choice (default: 1): 1

Downloading precompiled coreboot image...--2019-07-17 23:26:01--  https://source.puri.sm/coreboot/releases/raw/47217fd9a4d567fb7b319c8f614c433c9ebe267f/librem_15v4/coreboot-heads-l15v4.rom.gz
Resolving source.puri.sm (source.puri.sm)...
Connecting to source.puri.sm (source.puri.sm)||:443... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 7698799 (7.3M) [application/x-gzip]
Saving to: ‘coreboot-heads-l15v4.rom.gz’

coreboot-heads-l15v4. 100%[======================>]   7.34M  5.34MB/s    in 1.4s    

2019-07-17 23:26:03 (5.34 MB/s) - ‘coreboot-heads-l15v4.rom.gz’ saved [7698799/7698799]


Downloaded precompiled coreboot image has the wrong SHA256 hash

Request assistance in obtaining and flashing the correct PureBoot image.

hmm, hashes didn’t get updated when I pushed the update, odd.

fixed now, just re-download/re-run the script

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