Pureboot screen shows additional users? Am I hacked?

I have a Librem Mini, with librem Key, running PureOS with KDE Plasma. When I turn on my machine, the Pureboot screen shows a bunch of info, but most concerning it shows:

Card counters: Admin 3, User 3

What does this mean? Does that mean that there are 3 admin users on my machine? I am the only one using my machine so I would expect it would read “Admin 1, User 1”. I do have someone in close proximity to me persistently hacking me, which is why I switched to Librem Mini in the first place. I believe, somehow they have been able to log in remotely with my credentials when I log in. This is what they did when I was running Ubuntu on a mac mini and I believe they are still doing it now. Any help anyone can offer would be much appreciated. More background my key is also broken or out of sync, since my first kernel update. A new kernel is loaded every time.

It means you have 3 tries to type the correct admin or user PIN. If the user or the admin pin is wrongly typed 3 times then it is the card is blocked.

Similar to a PIN or PUK number on a SIM card.