Pureboot -> SeaBIOS -> Back to Pureboot

So on my Librem 14 laptop, I decided to give Coreboot (SeaBIOS) a try. I personally didn’t like it and now I want to switch back to Pureboot.

How do I go about reloading Pureboot back on my Librem 14 laptop? Do I have to create a bootable usb of Pureboot? If so, where can I find those files?

@AATDF88 Just use the coreboot utility script: firmware / utility · GitLab

Select “Update firmware using precompiled image”, then select PureBoot. (PureBoot isn’t offered for automatic build from source because it is not 100% reproducible yet.)

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Follow this guide below, but when prompted to select boot firmware, choose PureBoot instead.

Hello. I’ve been very busy recently and haven’t been able to try the methods you posted (but I will, of course). I just wanted to pop in real quick and say thank you for the reply and the help. Much appreciated. I’ll pop on again to say if it worked or not or if I hit any snafus.

For the time being, thank you. (Et. All)


It worked! THANK YOU, EVERYBODY! CHEERS! :beers::smiley::+1:

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