Pureboot update not flashing


I have properly downloaded the correct firmware update for pureboot.
I have extracted and saved it to a USB drive (it is the only file on the drive).
It is in “.rom” format.
I have tried many times through pureboot to update using the documented method.
The problem begins at selecting the drive. Once I select it, it returns me to the beginning of the sequence. It appears to be stuck in a loop of some sort.
I am no expert, for those willing to reply.


What is your flash drive formatted as? I think FAT32 or ext4 would be your best bet, if it’s not already one of those.

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First off, thank you so much for your reply!

I just checked and it is exFAT.

I will try the other formats and reply with results.

Thanks again!

FAT32 worked! Needed to use a different drive capable of that format.

Again, thank you for responding and providing a solution.

Your kindness is greatly appreciated!

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Traditionally most drives arrived already formatted with a FAT file system on it. However more recently (i.e. with drives getting bigger and bigger) they tend to arrive already formatted with an exFAT file system on it. For example, FAT32 has an individual file size limit of 4GB which is a bit basic for a drive that might be many many times larger than that (and with, for example, video files being thrown around).

Since the stuff that is already on the drive when it arrives, if any, is usually useless stuff that only works on Windows, the first thing you should do with a new drive is reformat it (put a new file system on it). For use with Linux that file system should usually be a file system in the ext family e.g. ext, ext2, ext3 or ext4.

In this case though, even though I don’t know how big the .rom file might be, I expect your problem is that you used a USB drive that is too big - so either reformat the drive or use a smaller drive.

Thank you very much for the clear explanation.
Yes, the drive I used was much larger than needed.
I appreciate you sharing your insights and am grateful for the manner in which you do. Again, I am not familiar with a lot of this. It is refreshing to receive concise and kindly written knowledge from people like you.

Thank you!

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