Pureboot: What bootloader to use?


I am currently tinkering with my new L14 and its Pureboot/Heads firmware. I wonder what the intended way is to install a linux distribution other than PureOS?

Currently my workflow has been as follows:

  • Create GPT Disklayout
  • Create /boot Partition and format is as FAT32 (ESP)
  • Install GRUB2 EFI (ignore errors/warnings about it being unable to set efivars)

While this works I am not sure it is the intended way to go about things. As I have not been able to find this kind of information in the respective documentations, this begs the following questions for me:

  • What is the bootflow of Pureboot/Heads? Does it really need an ESP in FAT32 or does it just need a /boot Partition with any filesystem on it?
  • Based on what I have seen Pureboot/Heads can read/interpret the grub config files. Is this true? And if yes can it also read config files from other bootloaders?
  • What software should optimally be used to create/update the files in the /boot directory?

Please share your knowledge & Insights!

  • /boot needs to be unencrypted, contain the kernel, and contain a grub/grub2 subdirectory containing grub*.cfg
  • An ESP isn’t needed, but can be used if present and meets above criteria
  • only grub bootloader can be parsed/used to generate boot entries
  • update-grub is fine
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