Purebrower not loading some pages


Several addresses such as www.youtube.com or https://www.mozilla.org are not loading at all with purebrowser, nothing is happening.



This is a known issue, should be fixed soon: https://tracker.pureos.net/T140


  • open PureBrowser
  • type about:config in the address field and hit ENTER
  • click on the YES when warning prompt comes out
  • in the search field type: security.ssl.enable_alpn
  • set the value of “security.ssl.enable_alpn” string to false

Problem solved. Thanks.
I’ll be looking closely to this website from now/

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Sweet! Thanks - I’d been baffled by this since getting my Librem. :slight_smile: Thanks to @QiZhi for asking the question.

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Just received my Librem 15v3 (11/7/17) and had this problem. I sent this via PM:

Probably one of the more important ones that you should tell new laptop owners is about the Purebrowser not loading some pages. When I first received the laptop the first thing I did was use the browser and it doesn’t even load the www.puri.sm page and there is very little clue what is wrong. I recommend you notify all new users of this necessary quick fix.

It is fixed, you need to update your system first before use.

I’m not sure it is - I’m getting the same thing and I’ve updated all my software (via terminal sudo apt-get update).

For example www.aljazeera.com simply won’t load (“server not found”). Works just fine in Chromium. I’ve had several websites like this where it Purebrowser gives “server not found” but Chromium loads fine.

I’ve also checked the flag you mentioned and it is already set to false.

ok, so it loads intermittently, I’m not sure if this might be a wifi issue

Just to be sure: updating OS with apt-get is a 2-stage process. apt-get update only refreshes the list of available packages and their versions. To actually update the system you also need to run sudo apt-get upgrade

yes, sorry, I used apt-get update > apt-get upgrade > apt-get dist-upgrade