PureBrowser 60 just wiped out the top of my history

I just upgraded, and now all of my tabs (and I have many) have lost the last two URLs of their history. The tabs with one URL in their history, for instance, show the URL in the location bar, but the page is blank and a refresh is nilpotent. With those, of course, I can copy the URL and paste it back. A few dozen URLs lost.

Open Documents and change settings to see the hidden files and folder (or just do Ctrl+H), check if you have folder .purebrowser.bak or something like that. If yes, all your data is there, you can simply copy the contents of the folder to the .purebrowser folder (but clear its contents first).

There’s no ~/Documents/.purebrowser*, but there’s a ~/.purism/purebrowser/, but no .bak.

Do you have
or anything in
where <profile_id> is some alphanumeric string?

If you have sessionstore.js, you should be able to open your previous session by going to “History --> Restore Previous Session”

If the session you want is in the sessionstore-backups folder, you might have to copy it’s contents to ~/.purism/purebrowser/<profile_id>.default/sessionstore.js to be able to restore. I’m not sure.

@PerformantData, check this old bug and see if the proposed workaround can help you: https://tracker.pureos.net/T335

There is no ~/.purism/firefox/.

This just happened on another, Debian, system with the upgrade to Firefox 60.