PureBrowser can't install german dict


after automtic update of pureBrowser to Version 52.6.0 (64-bit) I can’t install the German dictionary. When trying I geht the message that I can’t install without downloading Firefox.

pls help

Hi together,

this issue is still open. I have just installed PureOS new and using PureBrowser 60.9.0esr (64-bit).
How can I add a german dictionary ??

You should install it like purebrowser-l10n-de not like firefox-l10n-de

I’m not sure if your already tried that but your post is not explanatory at all.

You didn’t describe the exact problem you have installing the german dictionary and you didn’t give the error message that you might see. So take this please as a guess and if it doesn’t fit describe what you’re trying to do, what you would expect to happen and what happens actually.

Since the download of the dictionary works the same way as installing add-ons I’d guess that you need to change the useragent string back to what the add-ons site at Mozilla expects. Here yo can find help how to do that.