PureBrowser dark mode - fixed!

I encountered an issue using PureBrowser (and FireFox) with dark mode in Linux. I encountered this in both GNOME and Plasma:

Perhaps some of you are aware of this already, but I was unable to find the solution here, so I’m sharing. It involves adding a custom config to about:config:

value: Adwaita:light

Resulting in:

A much better look, indeed!

Considering the simple nature of this fix, can it be made part of PureOS default config? This was my biggest annoyance with my switch to Linux, because it seemed that with the rest of the system being so well polished, something as simple as form element formatting to be broken was silly.


dc3p, excellent solution. Another solution which fixes this also is to get the add-on by Roboe called ‘Fix Dark Theme Input Boxes 1.0’. There is a ticket here at https://tracker.pureos.net/T539 if you would like to add to it.


Thank you for the suggestion, @omar! I have done exactly that.