PureBrowser Update killed all my settings, history and bookmarks

Today’s update for PureBrowser (52.5.0) kills your profile. A new profile is set up in ~/.purism/purebrowser which of course makes all your personal stuff disappear.
Is there any harm in switching to my old profile or do I have to use the new generated one for some reason?

A similar thing just happened to me as well. In my case I noticed a new ~/.purism/firefox folder was created when I started Purebrowser. I was able to get my old settings by moving it out of the way and pointing it to my old purebrowser directory:

mv ~/.purism/firefox ~/.purism/firefox.bak
ln -s ~/.purism/purebrowser ~/.purism/firefox

Then when I started Purebrowser again my restored tab session came back.


Thanks. That was what I thought and I assume it doesn’t break anything.

I neglected to exit PureBrowser prior to making the backup of the firefox directory and creating the symlink, so I lost history and bookmarks and HTTPS Everywhere, anyway.

Fortunately, the only bookmark was to the PureOs documentation wiki at https://tracker.pureos.net/w/
Or, I may not have paid attention to which folder was actually the new one created during the update. One of you says firefox was the new folder; the other says purebrowser.

Come to think of it, I may have actually lost HTTPS Everywhere from cleaning up by running

sudo apt autoremove

Among other things, it removed xul-ext-https-everywhere:amd64 (5.2.8-1)