Purebrowser Update


No offense, whatsoever, taken! Again, thanks for outlining the workarounds!

Somehow it passed over me that debian is providing packages for ublock (and some other addons). Personally, it’s something I won’t force on my users – they should install their own, preferred add-ons.

The one difference seems to be that (at least on debian stretch), there are no restrictions for users to install addons to debian’s firefox …

Stupid question (I know, I should search): is there a concise summary how purebrowser’s defaults differ from a vanilla mozilla firefox? (Assuming the same base version for both, i.e., 68.0.x)


hmm, the latest purebrowser update just killed all my noscript settings :confused: looks like we got an actual downgrade with the latest update, from 68.1.0esr to 60.9.0esr (as the version “68.1.0esr+really60.9.0esr-1~deb10u1pureos1” suggests). Did this downgrade cause the nuking of my addon settings?


We are between a rock and a hard place with PureBrowser and are sorry for the trouble it’s caused these last few weeks. Firefox 68 ESR has made it a lot harder to unMozilla (disable telemetry, remove Pocket integration, etc) the browser. There is also the upstream bug regarding unBlock Origin that stopped the extension from functioning.

Because of these issues, we’ve rolled back to 60 ESR and will continue on with this version while it is still supported upstream.

If people are looking for alternatives, GNOME Web is available in our repos. It can be found in Software or by opening Tilix and running apt install epiphany-browser.


@richard and @joao.azevedo - you guys rock.