PureBrowser webpage interaction

Not sure if this is the correct place to ask, but I’m having a problem with the functions on a web page. I’ve played with various settings with no luck.


All of the numerous menus and mouse-over drop downs, and scrolling are unavailable to me with Purebrowser. Are there specific settings that will alleviate this?

I had the same issue with Firefox years ago, and ended up switching to Chrome. Now that I’ve kicked microsoft and google to the curb entirely, I’d like to keep it that way.

I’ve had my Librem15 for a short time, and have thus far worked out many kinks, but this one is stubborn, and I lack the experience/knowledge to progress further on my own.
Any feedback appreciated!

From what I’ve heard purebrowser disables JS (javascript) by default. I don’t know if they use an addon or an about:config setting, so first try looking in your addons (under extensions in the about:addons page) to see if there’s an addon named “noscript”.

I see. So if I trust the site, I can install noscript and whitelist only that site?

Well that made a total mess of most pages, and the one in question even worse. Removed for now.

Ah, so it must be an about:config option.

  1. Go to about:config, click the “I promise” button and search for “javascript.enabled”.
  2. Right click the setting and choose toggle.
  3. Restart your browser and try the webpage again.

Try the JavaScript Toggle On and Off add-on as a lightweight alternative to NoScript. I’m using it in PureBrowser.

OK, I gave that a try. As delivered,

javascript.enabled default true

toggle ->

javascript.enabled user set false

same result as noscript: it seems that it was already enabled, and I’ve turned it off. All active pages reduced to perpetual loading or blank.

Back to square one, where most pages work, but this one is view only. Any other ideas? I appreciate the effort!

I’m not having any difficulty with this site using PureOS and PureBrowser 52.6.0

This may just be another way to access the same setting in about:config, but I notice that one says “Javascript Enabled: true” and this one looks like the opposite, so just to make sure, if you right-click somewhere in the browser (or hit Ctrl+Shift Q) and then click the settings icon, make sure Advanced Settings -> Disable Javascript is de-selected. (Implies “Javascript Disabled: false”)

That seems in order. Selecting makes page totally unpopulated, deselecting shows chart.
When you click on the ‘settings’ icon on that page, do you get the drop down menu? for me it flashes the icon, with no other response. (as with the other ~6 top menu buttons)

Yes, I can see the dropdown menu

Huh. I don’t know what else to do. Other than try Chromium. Just when I’m getting used to using firefox again :roll_eyes: