PureMaps (flatpak) on the L5

@JR-Fi: getting notified when I’m pinged, thanks.

@fiacco: In general, bugs should be reported by issues at Github. Otherwise, it is by chance that I discover them. OK, looks like Mapbox map is not working. Can you try some raster map tiles? Like HERE or OpenCycleMap?

I did move Pure Maps to Qt 5.15 a day or two ago. I wonder if we are again hitting some Mesa issue or something is terribly wrong in the build. (Working to fix OSM Scout Server build on the same Flatpak runtime).

As for Debian packaging, so far I have only heard of interest but haven’t seen it packaged. There is a significant amount of dependencies that actually allow me to deliver such map application.

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For me, Mapbox, HERE, and Sputnik seem to be the ones that don’t work. All the other ones do work.

Good one! I immediately thought of a terminal version. Dwarf Fortress in real life?

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@amarok: Try to move away


somewhere else. This will move all your settings, but you could restore it later. I wonder if some caches are messed up

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They works. All except Mapbox. Also satellite view is OK.
Moving away ~/.var/app/io.github.rinigus.PureMaps doesn’t help

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@fiacco: thank for testing. Would you mind testing with offline mode as well using OSM Scout Server? Mapbox and offline maps use vector tiles and could stress GLES more than raster maps. So, would be interesting to know whether it is only Mapbox (more complicated style) or OSM Scout Server maps as well.

In addition, check if with raster maps you can see

  • POIs (such as search results)
  • routes (after routing calculation)

Would be great if someone could check your breakage with Pure Maps. As in your case, without the cache if something is broken.

One more test that can be done and suggested for PinePhone on https://wiki.mobian-project.org/doku.php?id=puremaps. Try to run from terminal:

LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1 flatpak run io.github.rinigus.PureMaps

Please when reporting, also state if you use L5 or PinePhone.

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Using OSM Scout Server I get the same map (with different font).
With raster map (tried OpenCycle and OpenTopo) I get POIs after a search, but I cannot see graphically a route, even if apparently has been calculated it, because I can see “circles” POI along the route.

Do you want to move this discussion to Github?

EDIT: I’m on L5

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@fiacco: thanks for testing! This sounds like a bug coming from GLES stack (Mesa, kernel) which got triggered by a new Flatpak platform.

Have you tested with LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1?

If my suspicion is right, it is not something I can fix on Pure Maps side but has to be fixed in L5 drivers (or interaction with Mesa on Flatpak). So, there is no point in opening an issue at Pure Maps Github repo.

Please do the test with software-based rendering and then let’s report an issue via Matrix L5 channel.

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Running from terminal LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1 flatpak run io.github.rinigus.PureMaps PureMaps starts with the usual nice map. But it’s very slow, almost unusable.

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@fiacco: thanks a lot for testing. Yes, HW acceleration is needed to be able to show the map. I have a feeling sometimes that Pure Maps is an only app that is pushing GLES on L5 or PinePhone as it is regularly hitting some bugs in drivers. I’ll notify L5 devs.


Thank you for your efforts. The app is great.


I posted the link to this thread twice now, but there has been no response, unfortunately. Cannot help much more in this case.

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Could you tell us where you posted? Maybe as more PureMaps users get their L5s, we could lend our support. (I looked for an issue on Purism’s GitLab, but couldn’t find anything.)

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At community/librem5 matrix channel. Its common way to get in touch with Purism developers

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May be worth it to open an issue on Purism’s GitLab?
I am particularly interested in solving this issue, and so should Purism be. Pure Maps is an app that makes the difference. A popular question asked by people when I show my L5 is: “yes, nice, but … do you have a replacement for Maps?”
I’m not suited to open the request, not knowing exactly what to ask, so I’d have a volunteer do it :wink:

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The proper place for integration issues would probably be the librem5/apps-issues repository.

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Issue filed, thank you for pointing towards the repository. Link: https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/Apps_Issues/-/issues/196


See also:

Fixed! I suppose it was the gnome library update I got today

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That’s wonderful news! Although, it shouldn’t be fixed by Gnome libs. Maybe something in Mesa got updated? Or kernel?

In terms of being fixed: you can see labels, routes, buildings, POIs on the map, right? Screenshot, please :slight_smile: